Facing only minimal opposition Tuesday, the Brooklyn Town Board agreed to re-route Shore Drive at the Green Lake Conference Center.

The road, which runs along the lake on the eastern side of the grounds, essentially would be moved back a few hundred feet, off the water.

In doing so, a dead-end road would be extended to become the new, public Shore Drive, thereby eliminating a cul-de-sac. Part of the current Shore Drive then will become a walking trail.

The new road would be approximately 2,800 feet long, and would connect to Lawson Drive, the main thoroughfare.

The Town Board voted 5-0 to approve moving the road, on condition that no private property owners lose fair access to their homes, and that engineering recommendations were met.

Meanwhile, the Conference Center is expected to sell about 855 feet of lakefront land along Shore Drive as a means of saving more than $50,000 a year in property taxes.

The parcel includes three lots, one of which has been sold. The others are close to being sold, said Brad Carroll, vice president of operations.

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