Town of Brooklyn may consider raising room tax

An effort to have the town of Brooklyn raise its room tax to match the city of Green Lake’s rate is starting to resurface.

The town’s room tax is 5 percent, while the city of Green Lake charges 7 percent. Room taxes help in part to finance tourism promotion.

City Mayor Chuck Mirr has said he would like the town to match the city’s rate, and Ald. Robin Wallenfang agrees. She plans to request to make an appearance at the Town Board’s meeting in July, Wallenfang told the Green Lake City Council Monday.

The last time this same request was made, “It was immediately shot down,” Wallenfang said, but indicated it's worth another try.

Along with asking the town to raise its rate, another issue is enforcement of room tax on certain properties, Wallenfang indicated.

“There’s a lot of money being lost there,” she said.

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