The city of Ripon water department is investigating why elevated levels of lead were found in the water at four Ripon homes this year.

The finding has triggered DNR-mandated protocols to do additional testing as well as notifying residents of the concern.

Nevertheless, city officials emphasize that Ripon residents are not at risk.

“Overall, they shouldn’t have any worries whatsoever,” utility manager Chris Liveris said, explaining that the lead is not in the well water, and is only coming from pipes at certain Ripon homes. “It’s not a Flint-type situation by any stretch of the imagination.”

He noted that most homes are not affected by this finding, and that homeowners with lead pipes can avoid risk by taking simple steps.

Liveris announced the finding Monday evening at a Ripon Common Council meeting.

“We’ve been recently notified by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that we have exceeded the ‘lead action level’ during our most recent lead-and copper-sampling event,” he said Monday. “Since we had acquired the water utility in 2005, we have sampled for lead and copper five previous times and passed each time, but this last time we haven’t.”

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