Walker: Kids need to stay local

Gov. Scott Walker signs caps for two Badger Boys State attendees last week Thursday evening. Walker attended to give a keynote address.

Communities such as Ripon need their best young minds, such as the Badger Boys who visited Ripon last week.

And bringing such young generations back to small towns via job creation will be one of Gov. Scott Walker’s goals these coming years.

In an interview with the Ripon Commonwealth Press during his visit to Badger Boys last week Thursday, Walker discussed his goal to create more job opportunities in Wisconsin so that young people will stay in hometowns such as Ripon.

“I want to find ways to help people with the American dream,” Walker said while visiting Ripon for a keynote address at Badger Boys State. “My idea of the American dream is not owning a house or even a business but is finding ways to help our kids, our graduates, our kids and our grandkids, not only stay in Wisconsin — particularly in small towns like the one I grew up which is a lot like Ripon — but be able to stay because there are careers here that are fulfilling for young people and for which they can have a family and live off of.

“... One of the biggest challenges is, ‘How do you keep people from moving away?’ ... To keep our small towns strong and our state vibrant, we’ve got to have career opportunities all over the state.”

Walker listed other improvements that he would like to work on in coming years.

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