Who took Ronald? Burger baron burglar still MIA

Before and after: Ronald waves to visitors of McDonald’s, left, before being stolen this month, right.

This Halloween, Ripon police are asking citizens to watch out for Ronald McDonald.

The iconic figurehead of McDonald’s restaurants was stolen from his perch outside the main door of Ripon’s franchise.

The fiberglass statue vanished Oct. 14 or 15.

Ripon police have no leads or suspects.

“We were joking the other day that we interviewed ‘The Hamburglar,’ but he didn’t confess,” Police Capt. Bill Wallner said.

The department’s Facebook page lit up with comments after the news was posted.

“That is hard to hide!” Kay TeBeest Hiemstra wrote.

“It’s possessed and walked away by himself,” Jan René said.

“Maybe he went to Burger King,” Veronica Lynn Thornton added.

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