American Christians have kept a National Day of Prayer for decades now on the first Thursday in May. We've prayed in public, with people of various churches. We've prayed for each other, for soldiers and politicians, for our country and for our world. This year a Federal Judge declared that government should not declare a prayer day, since it promotes a religion. But we don't pray for our country because the government tells us to pray, we do it because we love our country. We believe God loves it, too, along with the others.

Let's pray for our country. There has lately been much passionate disagreement over health care, war, immigration, climate change, bank regulation. Conservatives and liberals are blaming each other for our problems. God is hearing from the advocates on both sides: "Save us from those other guys".

God can hear from us in the middle too. Here's my prayer: "Author of liberty, thank you for the courageous ones who founded our country. Thank you for the men and women who have legislated, who have taught, who have preached, who have healed, who have defended, who have raised and who have fed us. Lord, help me learn from the wise and caring conservatives, moderates and liberals who also love America. Help us find ways to care for each other without going broke. Help us find ways to protect your creation while making a living. Show us the liberty in law. Show us how to stop the haters who kill without ourselves becoming haters who kill. Save us from weak resignation to the evils we deplore. Direct our anger to fuel positive change. And shed your grace to multiply the healthy common values of our United States."

Can you pray for those who disagree with you? Then our country is in good shape. What's your prayer?

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