School district considers referendum for building repairs

The Green Lake School District is looking to go to a referendum in April to support its operational and maintenance needs.

For the last six years, two successful referendums have allowed the Green Lake School District to exceed its revenue limit to cover operating expenses, but the authority to do so is running out.

To pay for operating expenses — and to fund future maintenance projects — the Green Lake School Board is considering going to referendum again in April 2020

That became apparent last week Wednesday during a Green Lake School Board meeting.

But the district is unsure how much it will ask for this time. The district’s finance committee is still trying to finalize the projected deficit, and therefor how much to ask for in the referendum, Superintendent Mary Allen noted to the Commonwealth.

Such details likely will be available when the committee makes its recommendation to the School Board at the board’s November meeting.

“Right now we’re looking at operating [expenses],” Allen said. “... That would support our staffing and our programs ­— our academic programs, our music programs, our science programs [and] extra-curricular programs as well.”

She noted the school district also is considering using the referendum to cover costs related to building upkeep and repairs.

Read the full story, including how this potential referendum compares to previous year's and the building projects they are considering, in the Oct. 24, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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