Elle Lewis and Hadley Neper open eyes in Ripon’s 7-0 loss to Plymouth

The Ripon High School girls’ tennis team didn’t fold against Plymouth Tuesday, but it was no match for the Panthers, either, losing 7-0.

This was its second defeat by the Panthers in four days. It also fell 6-1 last week Saturday quadrangular.

“Plymouth is an extremely good team this year and has only one conference loss,” Ripon head coach Brent Sanderfoot said of Tuesday’s dual. “I was proud of the way we played tonight. I didn’t see anyone quit. We went into this knowing it would be tough since we just played this team on Saturday. The girls had good energy; we were just beat by a better team.”

He noted the match of the day came at No. 3 doubles, where Ripon’s Elle Lewis and Hadley Neper gave the Panthers’ undefeated team of Catherine Williamson and Hannah Stucke a run for their money.

They ended up losing 4-6, 2-6, but did turn some heads.

“Plymouth’s head coach complimented me on the efforts of Elle and Hadley,” Sanderfoot said. “His No. 3 doubles team is undefeated on the year and this was their closest match. Lewis, a sophomore, and Neper, a freshman, are playing extremely well for Ripon this year and have a bright future ahead of them.”

Other losses for the Tigers were suffered by Dayton Coehoorn at No. 1 singles (1-6, 2-6), Alyssa Schmuhl at No. 2 singles (0-6, 1-6), Nicole Schmidt at No. 3 singles (1-6, 2-6), Olivia Reiter at No. 4 singles (0-6, 3-6), the No. 1 doubles team of Riley Neper and Madison Huseboe (0-6, 1-6), and the No. 2 doubles team of Alaina Salas and Tamera Holland (1-6, 2-6).

Read the full story, which includes information on the Kaukauna Quadrangular and a dual against Roncalli, in the Sept. 21, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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